The Cost

Model One in fire-proof siding from the back yard. Also available in fire-resistant traditional lap siding with overhangs.

Priced from $550,000 after incentives

The base house is currently priced at $600,000. Incentives and rebates we’ve identified so far will reduce the cost by around $50,000, to about $550,000. The base construction cost includes the house itself on a level lot, plus utilities, driveway, entry walkway, and front and rear patios. It includes fire-proof siding and roofing, triple-glazed windows and doors, high quality, Energy-Star appliances including an induction range and bottom freezer refrigerator, a front-loading washer and heat pump dryer. The house as designed complies with the Sagamore WUI ordinance. We think that’s the prudent way to build in an area subject to wildland fires. (Our clients can opt out if they wish.)

Included finishes feature floating engineered wood flooring (no vinyl), ceramic tile on the floors in the bathrooms and entry, high-quality cabinetry, painted wood sills and drywall wraps for the windows, solid surface countertops, and LED lighting.

Key mechanical systems include high efficiency heat recovery ventilation, heat pump for cooling and heating, and a heat pump water heater.

We offer upgrades in appliances, materials and finishes, lighting, and lighting controls. A solar photovoltaic system will be offered as well. The roof is designed to accommodate solar panels on any of the roof slopes, depending on what works best for your site. We have several minor variations of the plan ready to go, and further customization of the design is also possible on an hourly basis. We are happy to adjust the plan to meet your needs.

Specifications may change. We are continuing to research the best assemblies, materials, finishes, appliances and equipment for this house. Please contact us for detailed information on pricing.

Financial Incentives and Discounts for our house in the Marshall Fire Area

  • $37,500 incentive for certified Passive House houses from Xcel Energy.
  • $10,000 incentive for all-electric homes
  • $8,000 Inflation Reduction Act incentive for heat pump heating and cooling (we think!)
  • Inflation Reduction Act incentives for renewable energy (still researching this)
  • secured discount on heat pump water heaters
  • secured discount on Passive House house wrap and other sealing materials
  • savings on top of the line heat recovery ventilation equipment
  • distributing the cost of high quality design over multiple households gets you a more thoughtful design for costs comparable to a production build (and savings in some areas!)

Disaster Resilience Rebuilding program offers $25,000-$100,000 grant based on income eligibility.

Next Step!

We developed the Firewise Colorado Passive House house design specifically to meet the setbacks and zoning of the Sagamore planned development in Superior, but the design can be adapted and built on other home sites in Superior, Louisville or unincorporated Boulder County. If you are interested in having us build this house for you, please click on the Let’s Connect button below and fill in our Google form. We’ll be in touch!